Saturday, September 19, 2009

Protecting the Health of the Nation

When asked how you protect your family’s health, you think of proper diets, activities, or a favorite physician. But if I say to you that your plumbing plays an important part of your family’s well being, I may be laughed at.

Just think how close in proximity your fresh water supply is to your drainage system. Would you want to get a glass of water from your sink and receive a glass full of drain water? Or a second scenario, you come back from your family vacation to find your basement underwater. Not only do you have to repair a plumbing issue, but you also have areas in your home that are water damaged.

One or both of these situations could happen to your home if a non-licensed plumber or “handyman” attempts to install your plumbing. Licensed plumbers receive many years of training and testing to acquire a plumbing certification. After they obtain their license from the state, they are required to attend continuing education classes every year to stay up to date with new codes, techniques, and hazards in plumbing systems. This applies to both journeymen and master licensed plumbers.

And don’t be fooled by the statement, “Licensed, Bonded, and Insured” found on many advertisements. That is a general phrase loosely meaning their business license is current. There are many trade people in the plumbing industry who think they do not need to be licensed as an individual to perform plumbing work. In reality, the board exam has a 90 percent failure rate. When you have a non-licensed plumber work on the plumbing in your home, you risk the chance it could be installed incorrectly- you also may be doing something that is against the law. Make sure your plumber is properly licensed. To do so, you can simply log onto the state’s website and search by name.

So, next time you notice a leak, have a drain stoppage issue, or just need a few faucets installed, make sure you hire a licensed plumbing professional to do the work, and don’t be afraid to ask to see their license.

Any licensed plumber would be honored to show you their credentials.